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Refund Policy

The student has a right to a full (100%) refund of all monies paid if a student withdraws or cancels WITHIN 7 DAYS after midnight (Pacific Time) of date the Enrollment Agreement was signed. In addition, the student may withdraw from a course after instruction has started and receive a pro rata refund for the unused portion of the tuition and other refundable monies.

The School of Law follows a strict refund policy. Example: a student pays $4,250 tuition plus a $100 Registration Fee, $50 WestLaw Membership fee and $100 Student Technology Fee, for a total payment of $4,500 for the 52 week program. If the student then decides to withdraw after 13 weeks, then the student would be entitled to a refund calculated in the following manner: 52 (total weeks of the program) - 13 (weeks of tuition used) = 39 (weeks of tuition that was paid but not used); 39 / 52 = .75 or 75% (the percentage of the unused tuition to the full tuition); $4,500 (cost of tuition only, the Registration Fee, WestLaw Membership and Student Technology Fee are nonrefundable fees) x .75 = $3,375.00; $3,375.00 would be the amount refunded to the student.

For more on the refund policy, please view our law school catalog here.