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Distance Learning

The School of Law dual programs are administered entirely on-line. Currently, the school utilizes a "state of art" college management system. Specifically developed Learning Modules, including evaluations were developed to enable students to attain degree program objectives through the Distance Learning education method. Through this system, the program objectives are achieved in a flexible, but sensible manner via Distance Learning (DL).

Each Learning Module includes the course syllabus, learning objectives, textbook chapters, key terms, assignments, midterm examinations, case studies and the final exam. Written assignments may be in any one of the following formats: essays, problems, case study, critical thinking papers, and mini-research project. This process ensures that the Law School students, upon successful completion of a course, have the opportunity to demonstrate that they have attained the goals and objectives for the program. Independent study is an important part of overall academic strategy as well. Students are given outside reading, research, and assignments, to compliment their online learning.

The School of Law utilizes three platforms:

eLecta allows students to log in and collaborate face-to-face with the instructor and view or download previous lectures. Most important, eLecta is user friendly and meets the need of today’s generation of technology as students or staff can join in with a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or an Android device. Today’s generation is more familiar with the digital media as opposed to the traditional note taking typically used by the previous generation.

Populi is essentially a data management system used for student records. This is accessible to the faculty, students and authorized personal. Populi is web-based software, no CD, no downloads, no upgrades. You simply log in. Student records are stored in one place with the same level of protection and security. Populi runs in a web browser such as Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Wistia takes video archives to the next level. Each student has their own unique sign-in which gives in-depth analysis and stats on each video in the archives. Students can stream, share, download, or comment on any video even on specific timelines of the video!

The benefit of the system:
  • Improved student-to-student communication in each course level.
  • Students are able to create their own discussion topics.
  • Professors are easily able to comment on submitted essays as it is user-friendly.
  • Enhanced reporting and tracking capabilities..
  • Quality face-to-face, real live-time interface, voice to voice communication on multiple platforms.
  • Posting of Course Materials: (text, graphics, video and audio files) on a course page allows a student to access reading materials, assignment criteria, instructions and links to supplemental resources.
  • File Exchange: Allows a student using e-mail attachments, digital drop box, or file-transfer-protocols to exchange files between students.
  • E-Mail: Allows digital communication between students and instructors.
  • Discussion Boards: Allows multiple-person discussions (either posted to a web site or via e-mail) to occur within the class.
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