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Required Disclosures

SB 1281 Compliance Information Report

According to Section Business and Professions Code Section 6061.7, any law school that is not approved by the American Bar Association shall publicly disclose on its Internet Web site with all of the following information: Admissions data, Tuition, fees, and financial aid, Conditional scholarships, Enrollment data, Number of full-time and part-time faculty, technically trained librarians, and administrators, Average class size of each required course and the number of clinical offerings, Employment outcomes for graduates, and Bar passage data.

Student Disclosure Statements of American Heritage University School of Law

The disclosures included herein are required by Rule 4.241 of the Unaccredited Law School Rules and Guideline 2.3(D) of the Guidelines for Unaccredited Law School Rules. This Disclosure statement must be provided to each prospective student upon payment of an application fee, but before payment of a registration fee, and to each new or returning student, prior to payment for any academic term. This disclosure must be signed by the enrolling student and the student shall receive a copy of the signed statement.

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