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Why AHULAW? Here's Why...

Portability, Flexibility and Convenience

Attend only two sessions per week. Your lectures, chat sessions, workshops and study groups are viewable live or fully downloadable to fit your busy schedule. Watch live or archived lectures on your Android or iPhone. Watch archived classes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Live Interactive, Face-to-Face video Conferencing

Live Interactive, Face-to-Face video conferencing

Use your PC camera and microphone to see and speak to your classmates and professor, real time. Earn your Bachelor of Science Degree in Law after you've completed 60 units.

Integrated System

One system for everyone which include your personal login portal—all materials and all the information that you will ever need during the course of your education all in one "Face Book-like", web-based interface. Students, faculty, and staff. One login for everything—courses, billing, you name it. Your data is private, secure, backed up, firewalled, encrypted, password-protected and actively monitored.


View or print your grade reports 24/7. Students, faculty, and staff can view progress and grade reports. Law School Social Networking: View and interact with your student community 24/7.

The following are just some aspects to compare American Heritage University School of Law with older campus based models:

  • Similar ABA Curriculum
    The basic curriculum of most law schools including American Heritage University is largely similar. Since one of the primary purposes of all law schools is to prepare students to pass the various state bar examinations, a review of most legal curriculum reveals a common structure. American Heritage University School of Law shares this common curriculum and uses the same case books from Aspen, Foundation, and West as most ABA schools.

  • Technology
    The most significant difference is in our use of Internet technology to organize and concentrate the materials to increase your learning experience. You can communicate live to our instructors as you watch, live and "real time"! If you miss a lecture, you can access it anytime, anywhere! You can listen, see, review as many times as you need at your own schedule anytime and anywhere in the world. So, you never have to worry about missing class or not have proper notes for midterms and finals.

  • Live Academic Support
    Additionally, academic support by California licensed attorneys is available online through live audio and video chat rooms, by email and by phone.

  • Online Attendance
    Since you will learn through live interactive webcasts, online chat rooms and access academic support through the phone, physical attendance is not required. By interacting through the Internet, you can save the time and expense of gas, travel and parking and you can review law lectures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Quarterly Admissions Another major benefit of selecting American Heritage is our quarterly admissions schedule. Instead of delaying your dreams for an entire year, you can start in the next Fall or Spring Term.

  • No LSAT Required
    AHU does not require the law school admissions test.

  • Affordable Tuition
    Tuition is just one factor in calculating the total cost of attending law school. American Heritage has one of the lowest tuition rates in the country. But beyond tuition, American Heritage allows you to continue your present career. All ABA schools prohibit first year fulltime students from working more than 15 hours a week, and the time and energy of travel and campus attendance unavoidably results in loss of income and loss of career opportunities during the years of attendance and bar preparation. Through American Heritage, you can stay employed full-time and advance your career as you start applying your legal knowledge of such things as contacts, real property and corporation law to your current position.

  • Scope of Practice
    After graduating from American Heritage University School of Law, you will be fully qualified to sit for the California Bar Examination. After passing the bar, you will have the full and complete scope of practice in California equal to any other lawyer. In addition, you have the full rights and privileges in the Federal court system, including immigration, bankruptcy, and patent law. California has one of the world's most vibrant, globally connected economies. As the 5th largest "country" in the world, the professional opportunities for a lawyer in California are nearly limitless.
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