Spring 2022 Term Starts

This is the start of the Spring term at AHUSOL. There is a course starting for each level during this […]

Real Property Course

Learning Module System (Populi)

The course provides doctrinal analysis of various common and modern real property rules. Students will examine ownership, possessory, alienable rights […]

Constitutional Law Course

Learning Module System (Populi)

Students will study the United States Constitution, the three branches and structure of the federal government, limitations, and scope of […]

Tort Law Course

This course is a survey of civil causes of action for which an injured party may seek redress and compensatory […]

Criminal Law Course

Students will examine the common law and the modern criminal justice systems including their theory of punishment, classification of crimes, […]

Advanced Legal Research & Writing Course

Learning Module System (Populi)

This course will provide students with instruction related to both the concepts behind and practical applications of legal research, writing […]

First-Year Review Course

This course is designed to assist the student in preparation for the First Year Law Students’ Exam (FYLSX). All of […]